Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last, But Certainly Not Least!

Exactly fifteen months, to the day, Nick James finally returns home. As part of the "No Joke" party, Nick had been in Kuwait since mid April. At first it wasn't too bad but at the end, it was a little hard to deal with the fact that almost EVERYBODY else was already home. I think Nick was starting to wonder if he was becoming a permanent citizen of Kuwait!

It was absolutely an awesome feeling when my phone rang yesterday afternoon and when I answered it I heard "Hey Mom..." Our "adopted" son had returned! Our journey has officially ended! Nick called later on in the evening and was definitely enjoying all the luxaries of the USA which included a nice juicy steak at Outback. He was on top of the world! Now that Chris and Nick are both back, Outback should show a drastic rise in income!

I know the James family is enjoying their time with Nick and as we all did, doing a lot of staring. It's not a dream, Bernadette...he's finally home! Welcome Home, Nick!

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that Nick finally made it home. I hope that one day all of our boys will get to meet on another and have a nice juicy, Texas sized steak and of course a nice cold brew to go along with it! My treat!

Thank you Lord for bringing them home safely, Amen.

Lidia PAM of Anthony