Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome Home Celebration

Thank you just didn't seem like enough so we had a good ole fashioned Texas Welcome Home party for Chris...barbeque, beer and good friends. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our time with Chris.

My Dad loves to hear stories about Chris' deployment and had mentioned to me earlier in the week that he really hoped that Chris would share some of his experiences at the party. Well, Paw Paw's hope came true. It was so interesting for Chris to elaborate on his job, his accomplishments and what he went through the past fourteen months.

He shared that going back from R&R after just being married for only 10 days was a extremely difficult and that it took him several weeks to overcome it emotionally. One thing he made perfectly clear...they made a difference! He enjoyed his job and Iraq was a little better because of the guys of the 3ID.

Proud Mom!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Chris is having a wonderful time with his family. You look absolutely glowing with pride, I wish Chris all the best. The 3ID rocks and you are right, "Thank You" are insufficient words for what our hearts really feel.

Lidia PAM of Anthony- on terminal leave--wooohoo!