Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All Bones Are Healed

Greetings Family and Friends,

I sincerely hope that this letter finds you all doing well and blessed. As it leaves me, it leaves the family and I doing very well.

Well, I had my six week follow up with the orthopedic doctor today and was given some great news. All of my breaks have healed and I have progressed much further along than the doctor had anticipated. The two goals now are to get my right arm as straight as possible (right now we are pushing for 10% range of motion – you other doctors out there should understand what that means, to the rest of you that means my arm is as close to straight as possible), and to conduct an Army Physical Fitness Test at the six month mark. I no longer have to use a cane and stopped using the wheel chair about two weeks ago. As for the hospital bed, I have been sleeping in my own bed for the last three nights. Lastly, I officially return to work tomorrow, 31 Mar, since 5 Feb.

This past Wednesday I had my wires removed from my mouth. My first meal was Ursula’s gumbo (the first time I ever got the chance to have it and it was great). I’m not back to eating steaks just yet, because my gums are still tender. However, in about another week I can resume eating “hard” foods.

Well, I hate to keep this letter short, but I just wanted to pass on the great news. Now that I have reached this stage I am going to stop with the monthly letters and return to the quarterly updates.
Take care and God bless.


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