Monday, March 9, 2009

McGrue Doing Well

Great news from the McGrue household!

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to pass on a little note to tell everyone that McGrue is doing well. He is walking around, with the support of his 4 point cane. He has been cleared to ride a stationary bike. You know a brotha is He is now able to lift his right arm over his head (with a little help) He is at a steady 224. He lost a total of 26 pounds. He still has 3 weeks until his wires are taken out of his jaws. We have found that he is able to go at lease 2 hours without his pain killers.

Short term goals: Lifting his arm completely over his head. Being able to stretch his arm completely out. Walking for a long period of time with the cane. Getting off the narcotic pain meds. And getting his wires out.

Long term
goals: 80% or more use of his arm, walking without his cane and eatting with no pain. Very little weight gain...LOL

I also wanted to tell everyone thank you for the cards. I have covered his wall with them. The girls and I loved the fruit baskets. The build-a-bear was great. McGrue laughed so hard. The cast and crutch was perfect. The flowers in the hospital was a bright spot in the ugly hospital room. Also, Thank you for the prayers. Keep

Love you all Ursula

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