Monday, March 1, 2010

HAMMER - hardships, hearts & heroes - Episodes 3 - 7

During the fall of 2009, the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team. 3rd Infantry Division, deployed for their fourth tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. From the spearhead to the surge, the Sledgehammer Brigade has seen sweeping change in their mission. This is their story.
Episode four features troops of 1-10 FA from FOB Delta. Follow along as we bring you the advise and assist mission from inside the Sledgehammer Brigade.
Out on the streets of Al Kut, Iraq, with the Sledgehammer Brigade. Follow
Hardships, hearts & heroes - Episode six shows what Soldiers on COS Kalsu are doing during their time off.
Episode 7 is all about the Soldiers providing food and the occasion treat to the Sledgehammer Soldier deployed across southern Iraq.

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