Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking Good...

Looking good...enjoying life and just doing what he does!!! It absolutely amazes me the mentality of our Soldiers...they are simply doing their job. Nick NEVER complains about the job, the conditions,'s all good. In fact, he says the living conditions are really good compared to the last deployment. We tease him now and tell him he's got a room at the Hilton!

If I ever start to have a bad day, I try to stop and think about Nick and Chris when he was deployed and how positive their attitude is/was. If ANYBODY has the right to have a bad day, it would be our Soldiers but it's quite the opposite. The positive attitude and great outlook I'm sure is part of the reason they are so successful. They have trained both mentally and physically for their job and as a result they do it quite well! Thanks for being such great role models to all of us! I wish EVERYONE could have the great attitude that Nick and Steven and the majority of our Troops have! Great job guys!

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