Monday, May 31, 2010

Take Time To Remember

On this Memorial Day 2010 it is with great pride that I say "Thank you" to all our Military Soldiers and especially to the families of those whose loved ones have given the ultimate sacrifice of their life. Our military is the most dedicated and giving organization in America. I know of no other organization that its members are willing to give their live for the cause. Because of their many sacrifices, we are able to enjoy our freedom!

It saddens me that on this Memorial Day many people have forgotten the reason for the "holiday". Many think of it as a day off work...or a day to catch a great sale...or a day to get together with family and friends and grill...but many forget that it is a day to honor those that have sacrificed their lives so we CAN enjoy all those wonderful things.
Take a few minutes out of the day to stop and say a prayer for all those families who have to cope daily with the fact that their loved one gave their live for us. And stop and remember the thousands of Soldiers that are currently serving so unselfishly.

I am forever grateful to our wonderful organization like no other!

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