Monday, July 26, 2010

Redeployment Message #2

Dear Friends and Family,

The process for letting family members know of their Soldier’s return will work as follows: deployed Soldiers will need to provide the names and contact information of the family members they want the rear detachment to contact. Units will then input this data into the E-Army Family Messaging System. Once the data is in the system, and it is time for the Soldier to leave theater, the rear detachment at Fort Benning will work off of flight manifests to send a message to you (via phone, e-mail, or text – depending on the contact information provided by the Soldier) through the E-Army Family Messaging System with information on the Soldier's return flight. The system will also provide contact information to family members on how to get in touch with the rear detachment for any questions. The Battalion will ensure positive contact with family members through the system. Updates will also be sent this way with reminders to check the Fort Stewart Flight update for changes. If a Soldier’s information is not put into the system, or the contact information is incorrect, then the rear detachment at Fort Benning will call everyone personally like previous deployments.

Contact through the system will occur when the Soldier has arrived at his/her final location before leaving theater, and again when his/her plane has left theater and is en route to Fort Benning. Notification will also be made if there are any changes in the scheduled arrival of the flight to Fort Benning.

Due to constant changes in flight scheduling, and a need to maintain operational security, the rear detachment at Fort Benning will not be able to answer questions about flights prior to the flights taking off. Rear detachment will only be able to answer questions about Soldiers who have been officially manifested. Deployed Soldiers will be unable to give you an exact departure date.

Please let us know if you have any concerns that have yet to be answered.

We are all looking forward to being home and we know you are too. It’s not long now!


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