Monday, July 26, 2010

The Return

After months of looking forward to spending R&R having fun and relaxing, the return is always one of the saddest and most depressing timesof the deployment. It was so nice being able to pick up the phone and send a quick text message to Nick or just call and say "What's going on?".

I remember what a tough time it was for Chris when he went back after his R&R. However, it is so nice to see the two recent redeployment messags. The timing was great and it assures us that the end is definitely in sight!

I pray that Nick has a smooth transition from R&R to his daily routine back in Iraq. It's always tough for us to say goodbye but I always try to remember how hard it must be on the Soldier. It constantly amazes me of the positive attitude these guys have and how you NEVER hear them complain or be negative...a lesson I think we could all learn from them. We have so many things to be grateful for and reasons to be positive but instead, many times people are negative and constantly's too hot outside, I don't get paid enough and on and on. Our Soldiers have legitimate reasons to complain about their conditions, atmosphere and sacrifices however they are upbeat and positive all the time. Maybe we should try to be more like our Soldiers...positive, appreciative, accepting, sacrificing, never compaining...Let's stop and remember how hard our troops are fighting for us to be able to enjoy our lives!!!

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