Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Land Mines Add to Week’s Cache Finds

American and Iraqi troops found a cache south of Baghdad last week that contained more than 1,000 land mines, officials said.

The find was one of six weapons caches found during joint operations northeast of Iskandariyah.

“The operation was designed to locate weapons caches and deprive al-Qaida in Iraq of their ability to attack Iraqi and Coalition forces,” a news release about the caches read.

“In addition to the 1,000 land mines, a substantial amount of munitions was found in two other caches, including 24 57 mm rounds, nine 130 mm artillery rounds and 60 pounds of unknown bulk explosives.”

The weapons and explosives caches were destroyed by air support and an explosive ordnance disposal team, officials said.

— Stars and Stripes

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