Sunday, February 17, 2008

On Top Of The World

Some weeks are just better than others. Two honors in one week is just about as good as it gets. Today we got a call from Chris and he told us that the Captain's list was out and that he had been recommended to promote. He is now just waiting on his sequence number to come up and then he will get to officially pin on. It should be sometime in May but it all depends on when his number comes up which has to do with his date of rank.

Chris was doing good. He was looking forward to today because he was hoping to get 1/2 day off. He hasn't had any time off since he got back from R&R so he was looking forward to just chillin a little bit and cleaning up his "room" a little and actually pack a few thing up.

You could tell by some of the things Chris said that they are all counting the days. They are still looking forward to their Starbucks shipments, though. They know a shipment is on the way and were happy to hear the news. He talked a lot about leaving and getting back to the states and all the things he wanted to do when he gets home. Despite the fact that they will be leaving Iraq soon, Chris is still very pumped about what he is doing and is still very motivated.

This week was definitely one of Chris' better weeks with finding out that he was getting the Bronze Star and that he was making Captain. He was on top of the world!

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