Monday, March 10, 2008

Last Packages

Wow...what a feeling! Today I mailed off what appears to be the last packages to Chris and Nick. Last Thursday when Chris called, he said that this week would be the last time to send packages to him. The mail room will close on April 1st for transitioning.

Every single week, for over one year, sometimes even multiple times a week, we have faithfully gathered goodies, wrapped up boxes, hauled them to the Post Office, stood in line, and hoped that when they made it to Iraq, it would bring a smile to Chris' face or give him a warm fuzzy. For us, sending a package was something we looked forward to because there was not much else we could do to try to make things better...and as a Mom, it's tough when you want to help your child but have very few ways to do so. Today's packages were in the new flat rate boxes so he should have enough Pogie bait to keep him going until he returns. I know how much Chris enjoys mail call so I always looked forward to getting his packages off. Believe it or not, I'm going to miss the entire process!

Today however, I realized there is light at the end of this long tunnel. It won't be long until this deployment is over. I might miss getting packages off to the guys but I sure won't miss them being over there. It will be nice to not panic when you see a strange number come up on the caller ID...for your heart to not skip a beat when the doorbell rings at an unexpected hour, to get a sinking feeling when Breaking News comes on and to not constantly wonder if your child is safe and sound. I know the troops are getting tired and very anxious to return home. Despite the tour coming to an end, there work is not over yet and as we see each and every day on the blog, there efforts are still amazing. The continue to give 110% for their country!!

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Airbornedad said...


This is indeed good news. We wish a speedy trip home. I know you can hardly wait.