Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mud Storm

Yesterday we had a strange storm blow through San Antonio. The news stations were flooded with people calling in to find out why it was raining mud. It was horrible. It seems that the mud was created by a dust storm in Mexico that got drawn up into the rain clouds and blew into San Antonio. I was driving in it and it was quite bizarre to have your wipers on but not get any results.

We also had strong wind gusts and during the midst of the storm, my yellow bow on my oak tree blew down. The ribbon had become weak from the sun and it snapped. When I went to pick it up before it blew away, I noticed how torn, faded and now, dirty it was. It definitely wasn't the beautiful bow it once was twelve months ago but it still serves it purpose, without a doubt. It again reminded me of our troops and how they must feel at this twelve month plus point. They too are worn out but they still serve their purpose...with pride, dignity and honor!

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