Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Step Closer To Home

Got an email and call from Chris and he had an okay Easter. He was a little disappointed because he had really been looking forward to getting his Combat Spurs on Easter Sunday but got called for a mission and was not able to be at the ceremony. Tradition is that you can not wear the Spurs until you have been inducted into the Order of the Spurs. There will be another ceremony on the 30th and he's hoping he will be able to attend the ceremony so he will be able to sport his Spurs. It also sounds like everything is on track for him to get presented his Bronze Star on April 1st.

I'm not sure what his Easter mission consisted of except that he said he attended a feast with the Sons of Iraq. The feast sounded like quite an interesting consisted of lamb, goat, rice and chicken. Surprisingly, his Easter package arrived on Saturday and despite the rising temperatures, the chocolate was still okay.

You can tell that they are definitely counting the days until they get home. Chris says things are sort of hectic right now with everything that is going on but everybody is still very focused and accomplishing a lot. Another holiday in Iraq has step closer to home!

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