Saturday, April 5, 2008

400 Days Of Success


Today marks the 400th day since Chris deployed. On March 2, 2007 was not real sure how I was going to be able to cope with things but soon found out that you have to have a lot of faith, a lot of friends and a lot of tissues.

Our life has forever changed and we have definiely got a different outlook on things. I have learned to NEVER take things for granted, for you never know what tomorrow might bring. Let those you love, know how much you appreciate and care for them and tell them as often as possible. When you want to pick up the phone and talk to your loved one just because...DO SO! Cherish your friends and always have a shoulder ready for them to cry on. But most of all, never give up on your faith. When it seems like you can't take anymore, remember that God will only give you what you can handle.

I am so thankful that the deployment is coming to an end. I am thankful that Chris has remained positive and upbeat and has never appeared down or depressed. I am thankful that Chris has stayed out of harm's way. I am thankful that the brigade has made such a positive impact in their area and they have helped so many people. I am thankful that our Soldiers have so graciously served so that we might enjoy our freedom.

400 days down and not many more to go. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Congratulations guys on 400 days of success! God Bless You All!


Anonymous said...

Dottie I could not have said it better on all points. Will continue to pray for their safety, until they are all home.

Love and prayers,
Lidia PAM of Anthony

Anonymous said...

Dottie, Thanks for all that you have done. You had us better informed than we could have ever hope for. You gave us strength to see it through. Even when you were going through your medical problems you made sure that the blog continued. Hopefully you will make it over to Ft Benning when Chris comes in and another hopefully he is on the same plane as my son.

God bless you Dottie and thanks again.

Lou Costello
Mableton, Ga
Army Dad
Nam vet