Friday, May 16, 2008

Even The Lizards Know...

When Chris first deployed, we put up our beautiful yellow bow on our oak tree. Within a couple of days, it had been occupied by a family of lizards. Every day as we would drive into the driveway, we would look to see if the lizards were out. We would often go up to the bow and say Bub, are you home (that's our nickname for Chris and what we named the lizards). Over the past fourteen months, the lizards have been our has sort of been like Chris has been checking on us. I know it might sound a little strange to some people but when you have a child off at war, some of the most bizarre things make a big difference.

This morning, as I went out to take a picture of the Welcome Home banner, I went to check on our lizard family. Two of them were poking their heads out...almost as if they were saying..."what's going on?" I had to chuckle and say...well guys it's time to start looking for a new home...the real Bub is coming home and his ribbon will come down.


Anonymous said...

How cute, I had to do a double take to acutally see the little fellows but there they are just as cute as can be! Thanks for update. How much longer? I can't wait and I know you are so excited. I am with you in prayers and spirit as Chris' plane lands.


Airborne dad said...


Those are commonly known as green anoles. They are rapidly becoming an endangered species as an invasive species from Cuba has been taking over their territories. Glad that "Bub" had a nice place to hang out for the last 14 months.