Saturday, May 17, 2008

Proud Member of the Army 3rd ID

I was called to duty in a country far across the sea
To stand the wall against terrorism, so all can be free

I deal with the unknown, hot days and cold night
Living in the darkness, far from all city lights

I stand in the desert, surrounded by sand
Gazing over the horizon, ready to fight in a foreign land

Why am I here, is the question asked of me
To protect any land that wishes for democracy

I live to serve my country in its time of need
A prayer for protection and guidance is my only plea

I am no one special, just a commoner's son
So I joined the U.S. Army, became an "Army of One"

I serve in a proud unit that stands out above the rest
A unit with courage, pride and history which makes it the best

Just look at my left shoulder and you shall see
I am a proud member of the Army 3rd ID!

by 1st Sgt. Jay S.
148th Engineer Detachment
Camp New York, Kuwait

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