Saturday, May 10, 2008

Help...I'm Being Invaded By Butterflies

As the deployment is coming to an end, I find that my excitement is almost overwhelming. The anticipation of seeing Chris on American soil again has been prayed about and thought about for fourteen long months and it's almost a reality! Every since Lidia's son, Anthony started his journey home (Advon team)I've had butterflies in my stomach. With each returning flight, I get more and more butterflies. The thought of having our guys back is absolutely wonderful!

I can only imagine how the Soldiers are feeling right now. The final days...getting everything packed up, saying goodbye to those staying and the thought of getting back home to their loved ones and the luxaries of the good ole USA has to be a feeling that is undescribable...somewhat the same as a wedding day or the birth of a child.

The past fourteen months have been full of so many emotions. Now my days are being filled with butterflies!!! A great feeling! Welcome Home to those that have arrived safely! To all the others...good luck and have a safe flight home! Until then, I will continue to let my butterflies invade!!

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