Monday, May 19, 2008

Grigsby Arrives Home To Fort Benning

Two hundred and thirty soldiers of the 3rd Brigade are now home. Among them, the brigade’s commander, Colonel Wayne Grigsby.

The plane full of soldiers arrived on a breezy afternoon at Fort Benning. Something much different than the deserts they are used to.

“The feeling… it doesn’t get, it just gets better each time you come home you’re just so happy that you made it home,” Grigsby said.

Grigsby is no stranger to deployments. He says it’s been tough over the years, but thanks his wife Cynthia for all of her help during the tough times.

“It’s just like we were 18 years old again. I met her in Panama on a blind date and gave her a kiss we married 4 months later and it will be just the same way. She’s my hero and I love that woman to death,” he said.

The Sledgehammer soldiers followed their leader into the limelight, while Grigsby’s family waited to be re-united. Once they were together again, he had the chance to hold his new grandson.

“He is in uniform so he’s ready to grow so I have to introduce myself to him. Whenever that is we’ll be good,” he said

Grigsby says the majority of the brigade is now back home with their families, but there are more flights coming home, so stay tuned, because more Sledgehammer soldiers will soon return.

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