Friday, May 23, 2008

A Hero's Welcome???

Our visit with Chris was wonderful! He was the same old Chris...happy go lucky! The only thing that really had him bent out of shape and disappointed was the state of the economy. He found it very disturbing that he spent 14 months fighting in Iraq and came home to...

  • Higher gas prices
  • Higher food prices at restaurants and smaller portions
  • Higher prices on clothing
  • Basically, higher EVERYTHING!

What a welcome home! In his words..."this really sucks"! It would have been nice if their efforts would have been noticed in the USA by lower fuel prices but instead, it was the opposite.


Airborne dad said...

I couldn't agree with him more. And we still have a way to go before it bottoms out. We hit $4 bucks a gallon in Florida yesterday...

liberal army wife said...

Here it's close to that price for gas in some areas, over it in others.. Yeah. It Sucks. a huge deficit - jobs being cut - food prices going up... fun stuff.