Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey Mom

It's official! Chris has landed and is on American soil. We got a call at about 8:15 this evening. "Hey, Mom!" to my ears! It was awesome. He had a good flight, just long. They landed around 7:15 Georgia time and had already been released when he called so they were going to eat.

I can only imagine how much he is going to enjoy eating over the next few weeks. I am trying to figure out how to get a Taco Cabana bean and cheese burrito to him next week when we fly out to see him. I'll bet I can figure out something!!! We can hardly wait to see him and give him a big ole hug!

Well, I can sleep a little easier tonight knowing that Chris is safe and sound. He arrived on the same flight as Capt. McGrue. Now we've just got to get Nick home safely and we can all go back to our normal lives before deployment. I definitely think my life has changed as a result of the deployment. I have learned to appreciate life a lot more and will NEVER take anything for granted again!

Welcome home guys and thank you for serving your country!


Anonymous said...

Dottie this may sound weird but I looked at the clock at 8:15 and told Eddie that I thought Chris should have landed at Ft. Benning by then. Call it Mother's intuition, we have been through the worst now. Sleep my friend and yes, Praise God for He is so Good!

Lidia PAM of Anthony

Airborne dad said...

Whooohooo! Welcome home, Chris.